Nagar Palika Parishad, Unnao

District - Unnao

Property Tax

In Order to strengthen the economic condition of Nagar Palika of Uttar Pradesh and to make them independent, 74 th constitutional Commandment has been made and as per section-9 of Nagar Vikas & order no.- 1435/Nine-9-2000-63J/95 T.C. dated 22 April 2000, an Uttar Pradesh Nagar Palika (Property Tax) Rules Manual has been forwarded. These measures are being taken to bring authenticity and transparency in assessment of Property Tax and to make the Self Tax Assessment System available to all the citizens.

The different processes / proceedings of this system are being advertised on a great scale by Nagar Palika. It is proposed to put up hoardings at different places for this purpose.

Self Tax assessment is in favour of both citizens and Palika. It is based on logical and authentic standards. It is not biased and is transparent and reasonable. The tax assessment shall be done on the basis of site map and details submitted in the Palikas. Under this self tax assessment system, a person has been authorized to assess his own tax on the basis of the details of his buildings. Different kinds of pre defined forms have also been made available for the citizens as per the instructions given by the government. These forms are also available on this website. If the site map or the details are not present/available, the tax assessment will be done by the officers.

The main objective of this Self Tax Assessment system is to make the following facilities available to the citizens :–
  1. Tax shall be assessed on the basis of present circle rated of property or land, size of property and the type of constructions made.
  2. The Tax assessment process will be well planned & well organized and convenient and will be enforced in all modern cities.
  3. Strict Action and penalties will be imposed on hiding any facts or on wrong assessment of tax.

This self tax assessment system will take comparatively less time than present Tax System. No body could be able to misguide any citizens for personal/selfish motives. This system will benefit all the citizens and will also be helpful in making all the bodies of Uttar Pradesh economically strong.